I remember doing this, trying to find the right real estate agent, knowing it was a critical decision… knowing that choosing the wrong agent leads to potential personal frustration, failure, and financial loss. 

The wrong Real Estate Agent can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. 

You need a Realtor® you can trust, who is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals.  You need a Realtor® who is dedicated to your success.

Hi, I’m Kwesi Williams, a Texas Realtor® and certified Texas Affordable Housing Specialist, First Time Homebuyer Specialist with the Texas Department of Housing and Community Development, and a Participating Professional Realtor with the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation and the Veterans Land Board in Texas.

I’ve dedicated my life to one purpose: helping others to develop better lives. As a Community Living Specialist, Manager, Minister, Mentor, Marriage Educator, and Supervising Court Investigator, I’ve helped hundreds of people achieve their goals. 

I’ve brought that same passion and drive to Real Estate because Home Ownership represents the single best opportunity for upward mobility in our communities.

If you give me fifteen minutes, I’ll show you how to achieve your real estate goals.  

That might mean buying a home for the first time or selling your current house to buy the home of your dreams. Either way, I’ll use my education in management, leadership, and business administration along with my experience, passion, and drive, all to help you achieve home. 

Let’s talk about your real estate goals! Book a call or appointment with me today. Your time is valuable.  Don’t waste any more of it.  

P.S. I’m a happily married husband, father, and professional who loves to laugh, travel, and cook. Time with me is always fun!
P.P.S. I’m a win-win negotiator.  Let’s seal the deal.  Then have a meal!

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